Modern Landscape Architecture

redefining the garden

Abbeville Press, 1991. Coauthored with Jory Johnson.

Over the past fifty years, American landscape designers have transformed outdoor space in a series of project that have begun to be recognized as true masterpieces of art and nature. Located all over the country, from California to New York, from Seattle Washington, to Picayune, Mississippi, these extraordinary sites include private gardens and public parks, the grounds of corporate headquarters, and the backyard of suburban homes. The aesthetic vision they embody is equally diverse, from projects that explore the relationship between geometry and nature to those that strive to evoke a sense of the sacred to others that approach the landscape as a retreat. Along with detailed plans the book analyses the greatest environmental works of such internationally acclaimed designers, architects and artists as Louis Kahn, Isamu Noguchi, Eero Saarinen, Lawrence Halprin, Russell Page, Peter Walker, Maya Lin, Michael Singer, Richard Halprin, Rich Haag and Dan Kiley.

  • Visual Strategies

    Yale University Press, 2012. Coauthored with Angela H. DePace.

  • No Small Matter

    Harvard University Press, 2009. Coauthored with G. M. Whitesides.

  • On the Surface of Things

    Harvard University Press, 2009. Coauthored with G. M. Whitesides.

  • Envisioning Science

    The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2002.

  • Sguardi Sulla Scienza

    Olivares, 2005. Catalog of traveling exhibition, sponsored by Bracco Imaging Group.

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