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MITx online course:  0.111x

0.111x, MIT’s first massive open online course (MOOC) in photographing science, Making Science and Engineering Pictures,  A Practical Guide to Presenting Your Work, went live in June, 2015. The course is archived here.  It is targeted to graduate and post-graduate students, faculty and researchers in science and engineering whose work involves devices, petri dishes and other material ranging in scales that may be photographically imaged.

This first week, previewed on the left,  demonstrates how to use a flatbed scanner to create high quality images. You may view just this first week of videos on MIT’s Open Courseware.

Interactive Tools

The course also offered a series of interactive tools. You should try them (on the left):

Changing Aperture: see what happens to an image when you change the aperture setting.
Light Gallery: observe how different lighting set-ups effects the image. You can enlarge the images and diagrams and select the various choices.
Fill Light: watch as you zoom, how modifying the fill light in a scene can change how you highlight the subject.
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